Application & Care


1 . Gently remove the eyelash from the tray without pulling the hairs.

2. Hold them up to your eyes to measure and then trim to the desired length.
(Be sure to trim from the outer corner of the eye)

3. Apply a thin layer of glue to the eyelash band and allow the glue to set for about 30 seconds, allowing the glue to become sticky.

4. Place the eyelash right above your eyelash line and hold for a few seconds or until secure. Make sure the lash band is not loose or lifting up if so gently apply more adhesive to the specific area and hold.

Repeat steps for the second lash!

V O I L A!

R E M O V A L   &   C A R E

When removing your lashes be very careful. It is normal for your eyelash hairs to shed over time but if you are careful and precise they will go a long way.

Once your eyelashes have been removed carefully peel off any excess glue as gently as you can. A little makeup remover with cotton swabs only on the lash line may help with this.

No product such as mascara is needed for the eyelashes especially the MINK collection. The application of product will actually lessen the number of times your lashes can be reused. It is not recommended.

Finally, once eyelashes are removed it is best to place them back in the case to avoid any bacteria or dirt for hygiene purposes, as well as avoiding the potential to ruin the eyelash quality.